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G Figure out the two effective exfoliating treatment products

There are two products that we highly recommend you to use after sugaring, which are SALTSPRING and MUD PUDDLE. Why we advise you to use them, let us check out. 

SALTSPRING: This salt is taken in the Dead Sea; it can help detoxifying and relaxing. Since saltspring makes your skin smoother, it can rejunvenate your entire body. Three standout merits of saltspring are: 
- Help with ingrown hair problems
- Treat body blemishes 
- Improve skin texture

MUD PUDDLE: This Hungarian mud will help detoxifying and rejuvenating. Like saltspring, this all natural mud includes three speical merits:
- Help with ingrown hair problems
- Treat facial blemishes
- Improve skin texture.
By using saltspring and/or mud puddle 2-3 times per week, you will your hair can be removed easily on the next appointment and your skin will be well rejuvenated.