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When you get sugared on the face, we want you to...

About Sugaring on the FACE Even though it is also described in the coupon details, etc.,

please note that coming in the salon with makeup on for Face Sugaring is not accepted and it is out of our treatment.

Please come with no makeup on when you come to the store.

We know that it is difficult to not put any makeup on after work, shopping, or when you are going out. If that’s the case, please bring your own make-up remover and cosmetics.

If you have forgotten your makeup remover, you may purchase the Alexandria Professional makeup kit (4800 yen tax not included).

It's okay to buy it same time as your treatment Face Sugaring will make a difference in the finish when no makeup is used.

Sugar will deeply and firmly penetrate the pores and will result for a smoother skin finish. ♪