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Disadvantages of self-treatment-Hair removal cream-

Disadvantages of self-treatment-Hair removal cream-

For customers who visit Maris Gina Shinsaibashi for the first time
We would ask what have you been doing to remove your hair??
Most often than not the answer we get is always the same (..)

That is a razor and hair removal cream (@ _ @)
It's easy ...

However, there are many disadvantages (> _ <)

In hair removal cream, there is calcium thioglycolate mixed.

A property of calcium thioglycolate is that it dissolves proteins

This is how unwanted hair is cleaved and removed

The biggest disadvantage of using hair removal cream is that
It can cause rough or cracked skin, causing irritation.

The reason for that is the calcium thioglycolate

Because it dissolves protein and cleaves skin hair, there will certainly be consequences to the skin.

Even for those who have strong skin, there is no doubt that the skin is irritated.

Even if it seems that there is no change, the skin is definitely damaged by calcium thioglycolate,
If the frequency of usage increase, it may cause abrasion.

Some people might use hair removal cream as they feel that a razor is likely to hurt the skin or have a possibility to cause ingrown hair,
In hindsight, even if cream is used, your skin will be harmed.

Furthermore, if the skin can be damaged by the hair removal cream, then there will be
a possibility of ingrown hair forming.

In addition, there are some cases where the calcium thioglycolate component cause inflammation in the skin and the pores to widen.

Therefore, disadvantages of calcium thioglycolate are significant.
The more you use it, the further you'll be from attaining beautiful skin (T_T)

Would you still want to use hair removal cream?
Please come to Maris Gina Shinsaibashi store
And begin treatment with 【Sugaring】 (^ o ^)