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Customer Diaries: #1

Meet Ana. Not her real name.

She has been coming here in our salon for more than one and a half year.
It wasn't until 2 months ago that I became her staff and we talked about her skin problems in English.
It wasn't until that time that I recommend to her Phenomen-all.

Ana was struggling with her ingrowns, lots of it.
Bumps, redness and dry skin.
After the usual Sugaring experience, the finish was always smooth but you can still see the ingrowns specially the bumps.
I recommemd her using the Phenomen-all to help her heal the skin from ingrown and prevents them from coming back.
It also helps in eliminating bumpy skin.Continuous use will help her with dry and flaky skin.

Four weeks have passed, and its time for her next session.
I was amazed because I can definitely see the differences from before and after she uses that product.
The bumps were not as noticeable as before.
They shrink in size and was not as reddish.
The ingrowns became few.
I told her that it would need continuous use of the cream to completely heal the skin.
As some of the bumps, and scars from ingrowns were too deep and big it would really take some time.