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Phenomen - all Cream

Many people are likely to have skin problems at the turn of the seasons. .

Especially in the spring, the difference of the temperature between morning and evening is intense, so it's easy to have dry skin, pollen and ultraviolet rays also increase, resulting in a heavy load on your skin.
Considering this many things, you should take even more care of your skin in early spring!

The one we would like to recommend is Phenomen - all cream.
In our salon at Maris Gina, we use the cream repair for the Brazilian part, but it's also recommended to use it at home every day and can be used for the whole body!
It's very good for the face ♪

Phenomen-all cream softens the skin, has the effect of restoring and healing your skin and accelerating the renewal of the new skin. Among the oils included in the cream, there is the oil extracted from flowers called jojoba oil, which melts at body temperature and creates a very good penetration rate. Everything is natural in the composition of the cream.

In the morning, it's advisable to use it on your face, the spring tension, the skin will become softer and to put on makeup become fabulous!

Why wouldn't you take care of your face by using Phenomen - all cream at the time when skin problems are likely to happen?

You will be able to procure it in all our salons of tokyo! Please come and try it (^^)