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Children are welcome ☆ [Sugaring]

At Maris Gina, we have many customers who have children

If you have a small child, you may not be able to go out at your own time.

It is nice to have a salon where you can go with your child!

Since Maris Gina's salon is a private room, there are many customers with children.

In addition, Bikini hair removal may vary depending on the individual, but it can be performed in about once to a minute.

If you take a long time, children will get tired and worry, but it is also a good place for sugaring that you can easily remove hair!

Also, sugaring is machine-free!
As hair removal using sugar paste, unlike treatments that use bright machines or machines that heat up, it is also a nice point that children are safe even in the same room.

Also for customers with small children! Please come to hair removal ♪