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Causes of buried hair plugs [Sugaring]

The pore opening becomes narrower and the pores become clogged with sebum and keratin (protein), which creates a black plug, which is dark.

If a keratin plug is formed, sebum will not be discharged and will accumulate inside the pores.

Due to this, the condition where the pores are raised is called ""comedogenic"" and acne progresses when acne bacteria grow with sebum as a nutrient source.
As a workaround,

Keep clean
Keep it clean.
Always wash your face properly to keep your skin clean.
The basic principle of face washing is to wash your hands gently and carefully.
If the skin becomes bulky, moisturize with lotion or emulsion.
Avoid oily emulsions and creams.

Remove sebum and dirt thoroughly
When cleaning your face, be sure to remove excess sebum and dirt.

Proper moisturizing care to prevent dry skin
Adult acne is known to be responsible for dead skin cells turnover.
Dry skin also reduces turnover, so after washing your face, etc.
Keep your skin moisturized.

Relieving the keratin plug may cause folliculitis.
We don't like that.

For that reason, let's take proper precautions and care!