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What are the ingredients of the sugaring paste? 【Sugaring】

What are the ingredients of the sugaring paste? 【Sugaring】

Those of you undergoing treatments will know that the paste we use for sugaring is organic and gentle to the skin

Ingredients of the paste consist only of sugar, lemon juice and water. It is really just these three ingredients used.

An atopic patient who had cracked skin was able to get beautiful skin after continuing sugaring.
With many rounds of Alexandria's sugaring, you can repair your skin

Another attraction is that the temperature of the paste is not too hot
This is inn contrast to using hard wax for Brazilian wax, where its temperature is 30-35℃
While this is nothing compared to the hot tub, you would be worried about applying that to your pubic area, won't you? Most of our customers come here for VIO hair removal.

Since it is a delicate part of your body, would it not be better to have less worries
Also, the biggest difference from other sugaring methods would be that it is able to remove hairs as short as 2-3 millimetres long!

That is because we use reasonable steps to carefully check the hairs
Other than those...they are trade secrets

Most of the customers that come for waxing switch their treatment to sugaring after they are told about the benefits of sugaring.

There are also many customers that feel they should have started sugaring much earlier

Also, we hope those of you who have not experienced sugaring to take this opportunity to try it.