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Are you still self-processing? [Sugaring]

Everyone have unwanted hair, are you still self-processing?

Those who are treating unwanted hair with a razor. . . Doesn't you get rough skin?

Why don't you discontinue from self-treatment and leave hair removal to a professional?
Even though there is a safe and effective hair removal method called Sugaring, it is a waste not to try!

With razors, the hair that grows in 1-2 days is long while in Sugaring it is removed from the hair root.

Once you experience Sugaring hair removal, you will most likely not be able to return to razor self-treatment, although you will have pain during the procedure, continuous Sugaring will also reduce hair loss pain and lead to permanent hair loss.

Please leave the hair removal with Maris Gina staff with knowledge of hair removal before your skin gets rough due to wrong hair treatment.