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Do your hair follicles look like small acne?

Do your hair follicles look like small acne?

Do you know what folliculitis is?

It is the infection and inflammation of one or more hair follicles, appearing as small bumps that look like white-headed pimples.
It can occur in the tissues at the surface of the cavity (closer to the hair root), as well as the deeper tissue layers of the skin.

People who have bad hygiene habits, chronic skin diseases or are infected with staph bacteria are more prone to get the disease or skin abscess.
While diabetics are more likely to contract it, lowered immune systems, obesity and old age are possible risk factors.
There are times when infections are repeated without a known cause

Some of you might know??
But there are various causes for folliculitis.

○Ventilation is worsened when a napkin is used during menstruation
○Wearing thick stockings and tights, as well as skinny pants and leggings.
○Bad ventilation when correction undergarment is worn for a long time
○Bruises around hair follicles after shaving of excess hair allow entry of bacteria and infection
○When your immunity drops due to exhaustion, stress and unbalanced diet
The physical barrier function of your skin will weaken as well

The area that is covered by the underwear is where there is the most moisture and the bacteria can easily breed.
During the summer and after exercise, when you sweat a lot, being in a humid condition for a very long duration can cause folliculitis to occur

How to prevent folliculitis
It is important to wear well ventilated undergarments, take frequent showers, and maintain cleanliness!!
Make sure to follow up after removal of excess hair.
By reducing VIO (pubic) hair, humidity is lowered, and it becomes harder for bacteria to accumulate.

On top of that, getting a well-balanced diet and enough sleep
Keeping in mind to de-stress, to live life without being overwhelmed by exhaustion and stress.
To maintain cleanliness in the delicate body parts,
It is very effective to undergo waxing.

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