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To avoid buried hair [Sugaring]

You hate buried hair after hair removal
Isn't everyone who has had wax hair removal experienced this a lot?

Buried hair can be prevented with a little bit!

First, scrub!
Whether you scrub or not is very different.
From about a week after depilation, you can use it to massage your skin once or twice a week to get rid of old dead skin.

When old dead skin falls, your skin will be reborn as a smoother skin, so you can remove hair neatly without cutting hair when performing the next treatment ☆
It's easy to dry now, so don't forget to moisturize after the scrub!

You can buy them at the drugstore or body shop, but there are so many types that you won't know what to do?

Maris Gina stores also have after-care products, so be sure to pick them up!
Feel free to ask the staff if you have anything (^^)