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Alexandria Professionals Salt Scrub

Alexandria Professionals Salt Spring Scrub is rich in natural minerals which rejuvenates your entire body and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth.
In addition, this exfoliating treatment helps with ingrown hairs and damaged hairs. It helps with the dryness to improve the texture of the skin

Can also be used as a bath salt!

The main benefits are...

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Controls excessive sebaceous activity
  • Kills bacteria
  • Soften the skin caused by drying
  • Ingrown hair prevention
  • Keratin care

Please do scrub care 2 or 3 times a week 3 days after the treatment to cleanse the skin.
By doing home care routine, effect of the next hair removal will improve.

Please scrub using a bath glove for better results.

Sugaring pioneer Alexandria Professional's Salt Scrub is only available in Maris Gina in Japan.

Alexandria Professionals considers not only hair removal but also whole body skin conditioning.

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