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Alexandria Professional [Sugaring]

Today's product used by Maris Gina for sugaring

Alexandria Professional
About the brand
(Abbreviated as AP)

What is special about it?

A wide variety of AP sugar pastes!

The 5 kinds of paste is used depending on the hair quality, body temperature and skin quality.
They are used as it is or blended depending on the temperature and humidity.
Let's do sugaring that is gentler to your skin.

The hand technique of professional staff with AP technical qualification will allow the paste to penetrate firmly into the pores.

Furthermore, if the customer is able to take care of themselves with the AP home care products on a daily basis, the paste can penetrate more and hair that is as short as 2 mm can be removed.

There is also a peeling effect that removes dirt from the pores by firmly penetrating into the pores.

Sugar paste made from sugar, water and lemon juice.
Because it is simple, we use a special sugar paste made from natural organic materials carefully selected for your skin.
Treatment effect gives smooth and moisturized skin☆

It is only with AP that you can remove your hair at the salon and not only moisturize and maintain sensitive skin after hair removal but also support after-sales products for the next hair removal.

Special brand Alexandria Professional that pursues beauty of the skin without stopping hair removal

Only Maris Gina in Japan handles merchandise and technology (^○^)! !!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us♪
We are waiting for you♪