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First time visitor which salon we choose best waxing hair removal

To change my first hair removal and salon I always visit, I think that there is a bit of anxiety, fear, wonder, etc. (> _ <)

But please rest assured (^ ^) /

So far we have been practicing a lot of people! !

To eliminate customer's anxiety, etc.
Relieve pain and keep in mind speedy treatment ☆

Remove all hair at VIO (all off)
If you have resistance to, you can also leave the front only design (* ^ _ ^ *)
● triangle
● Rectangle
● circle
● We arrange only lightly around, natural form

If I get used to it, I would recommend all-off for me.

Please try all-off, design, both, and decide how you would like it to suit your lifestyle. (^ ^ ♪

Two to three days after the treatment
Because the skin is sensitive, bathing and sweating sports, Avoid tanning salons and swimming.

I would like you to sweat in the shower.

Also, do not use scrub for 3 days after treatment! !