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About the hair cycle 【Sugaring】【wax】

About the hair cycle 【Sugaring】【wax】

For customers who have visited Maris Gina Shinsaibashi store
We have talked about the treatment cycle

Our best recommendation is to visit every 3 to 4 weeks (^ o ^)

Today, I will be answering these questions☆
Why is it that specific cycle?
Why is it not good to let it grow out completely?

The hair growth cycle comprises of 3 stages (^ ^) /

● Anagen stage → → growing phase (short hair)
● Catagen stage → transition phase (intermediate stage)
● Telogen stage → resting phase (long hair)

If you want to thin your hair,
At the time of this anagen stage, hair and its root are stuck, so it is absolutely important to remove hair during this period! (^^)!

That's around three to four weeks!!

In three to four weeks, there is slight pain relief
There is also a hair loss effect and it is a time that gives better feeling of hair removal (^ ^ ♪

We look forward to your routinely visit. (^ ^) /