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About correct scrub care [Sugaring]

Customers who have visited Maris Gina several times may already understand the importance of aftercare

Are you exfoliating?

It's good to use in the bath, but if your body is wet, the salt will melt and the scrub will be meaningless.

Scrub care after wiping some water off!
Please take care ♪
We will introduce the correct scrub care method again!

↓ Correct scrub care method ↓

Before use, wipe off the water, shake the scrub well, and then take it on your dry hands, and massage it around.

If it doesn't sting, wrap it and pack it for about 5 minutes to make it easier for the dead skin to float!

Also, since sugar and salt are sensitive to water, [if you add water, it will dissolve immediately].
Please be careful!