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M 5 Reasons why you should choose Sugaring than Waxing

1. Sugaring is better for sensitive skin.

Sugaring is all-natural and is made of with sugar, water and lemon. Unlike waxing which has other chemicals that causes the skin to breakout more. Since most people are allergic to some chemicals, we suggest trying sugaring since it is an all-natural way of removing hair.

2. Sugaring doesn't cause too much adverse reaction unlike waxing does.
Sugar paste which is used to remove hair, adheres to the hair follicles so it is really effective in removing the hair while also not removing the live skin cells like waxing does. This causes too  much irritations and redness.
We even have customers saying redness is gone within 24 hours with Sugaring unlike with waxing which takes them 3 days or more to vanished.

3. Sugaring can avoid 30% of hair breakage.
Since sugar paste is applied on the opposite direction of the hair growth and removes on the direction of the hair growth, chances are, the hair breakage is lessen. Waxing, which is applied on the same direction the hair grows and removes on the opposite way, causes more hair breakage. 

4. Sugaring is easier to clean than waxing.
Sugar paste can be removed with just water or by just rinsing it off. Waxing takes more effort to remove and sometimes it cannot be remove on cloths.

5. Sugaring can remove short hair unlike waxing.
With Sugaring, hair can be removed as short as 2mm. Some professionals can even remove hair shorter than 2mm. With waxing, the hair should be 1/4 inches or so. If short hair can't be removed in waxing, tweezers will be used. In Sugaring, no tweezers are being used since short hair can be removed with just the sugar paste.

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